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About Us

- 关于我们 -

We began as a concept in June 2018 and established in Nov. of that year in Melbourne.


We are very passionate about living healthy and ethically, considering our environment and natural alternatives.


We seek to source the best ethical, eco, organic and natrual products out there whether it is from Australia or worldwide.


We are very focused on making responsible decisions, our environment and leading the way as a retailer. We believe we have to make changes to help our planet and ourselves and we are constantly improving what we do.


We are very committed to our environment and reducing our impact on the planet as individuals and as a business. 


Auganic Planet的雏形始于2018年6月,11月在墨尔本正式成立。   我们热衷于健康的生活方式,热爱自然,关注环保。我们认为大家都有权利选择购买健康天然食品,我们也希望在我们关注自己健康的同时, 也不忘了这片孕育人类生命的土地,尽可能的降低我们在每天生活中对自然环境的污染。 因此, 我们立志于在澳洲乃至全球甄选高品质的有机、天然、环保的品牌, 为大家提供一站式精选平台。我们将会陆续推出更多的产品, 包括婴幼辅食及服装,孕期护肤,女性用品,有机食品,环保家用及宠物用品等等。 






Our Missions

- 公司使命 -

We believe everyone has right to access affordable healthy food and has choice to make their life being better, such we commit to offer one stop shopping experience by:


  • - Sourcing high quality organic and natural products locally in Australia and worldwide
  • - Sharing the concept of green and healthy lifestyles
  • - Encouraging our customers to protect our mother earth
  • - Minimising our impacts to the environment
  • - Taking social responsibility to conduct business ethically and sustainably


- 在世界各地甄选高质量天然有机产品

- 分享绿色、健康的生活方式

- 鼓励大家将环保进行到底

- 减少环境污染

- 承担社会责任,诚信并可持续地发展企业


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Australian Organic Certification

Certified B Corporation






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